Outsourcing IT In Boston MA, Providence RI, Manchester NH and Surrounding Areas!

Our Outsourced IT Department Services Include The Following

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Device Foorprint Monitoring:

We will follow your devices in real-time by attributes like assignee, location, department, and more.

Device Recovery ICON

Device Recovery:

In case of a lost device, we will leap into action, recovering the company data while attempting to retrieve the device.

Asset Overview ICON

Holistic IT Asset Overview:

We will keep an account of all your IT devices, both those in use and in storage. This account will guide your future investments in additional devices by ensuring you make full use of the devices you've already invested in.

Interactive Asset Labels ICON

Interactive Asset Labels:

We will provide easy access to important information about each device by giving each one a unique QR code label that leads to a device profile.

Routine Audits ICON

Routine Audits:

We will audit your IT assets' hardware and software for updates and improvements, and we will carry them out accordingly. We will also ensure that these assets follow compliance regulations.

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Unauthorized Login & Software Monitoring:

We will track when employees sign in or install software not authorized by the company to prevent potential security threats, flagging all instances for review. This is a necessary step towards improving the security of the IT infrastructure.


Employee Management:
We will assign account log-in credentials and licenses to new employees and grant them access to any company software and accounts they are permitted to use. We will seize access to these during offboard.


Ticketing And Response Time:
We will implement an easy-to-use ticket-creating system that can be used as a stand-alone software or integrated with most of the popular softwares. We will respond to tickets within 5 minutes from the time we receive them.


Routine Audits:
We will audit employee's devices for software updates, licensing renewals and improvements, and we will carry them out remotely.


In-Person Servicing:
If the IT troubleshoot at hand requires more than virtual support., then we will respond in person to fix the issue on-site.


Device Repairing:
If a device needs hardware repair, rest assure TechToucan Solution's subsidiary company TechToucan Repair will provide the labor for device repair.