IT Help Desk Services in Southern New England

What is an IT Help Desk? How can it be benefitial to your business? 

If you have any IT equipment within your business, then you know that sometimes you need support. Issues arise, and troubleshooting needs to be handled quickly and efficiently. Here’s the thing, though – keeping an in-house IT technician costs a lot of money. In fact, at around $28 an hour over 250 working days, you’re looking at a $50,000 bill. Most of that time, your technician is waiting for calls. Benefits of outsourcing your IT Help Desk to 3rd party like techToucan Solutions are:

  • Cost-savings: Maintaining an in-house help desk can factor as a hefty expense into an organization’s annual budget. Contract with us will tailor the services to fit your specific needs and financial position.


  • Peace of Mind: Employees experiencing downtime because an IT system is experiencing issues can be detrimental. Having us in your corner, you can rest at ease that your employee’s IT is being taken care of. You won’t have to use your internal employees and their valuable time to fix a problem that resides outside their area of expertise.


  • Support from Highly Trained Specialists: We offer a wealth of expertise. Our tech specialists come equipped with a wide range of credentials, training and prior experience. Hence, we possess the specialized knowledge and skill-set to troubleshoot any IT problem that should arrive.

Our IT Help Desk Services Include The Following


Ticketing And Response Time:
We will implement an easy-to-use ticket-creating system that can be used as a stand-alone software or integrated with most of the popular softwares. We will respond to tickets within 5 minutes from the time we receive them.


Employee Management:

We will assign account log-in credentials and licenses to new employees and grant them access to any company software and accounts they are permitted to use. We will seize access to these during offboard.


Respond To Device Misuse:
We will monitor, block employees from installing software or accessing sites on company devices that are not authorized.


Routine Audits:
We will audit employee's devices for software updates, licensing renewals and improvements, and we will carry them out remotely.


In-Person Servicing:
If the IT troubleshoot at hand requires more than virtual support., then we will respond in person to fix the issue on-site.


Device Repairing:
If a device needs hardware repair, rest assure TechToucan Solution's subsidiary company TechToucan Repair will  provide the labor for device repair. 

Our approach to providing the IT Help Desk service that your business needs to prevent any employee’s workflow disruption:

We implement an easy ticket creating system that can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with most of the popular softwares like Slack, Microsoft Teams, SalesForce, Dialpad etc for use. In addition we also implement live support 24/7. This implementation allows you as a business to invest less time and money in making a major translation, implementation of new software and eve training the employees on how to.